Thank you for GOING GREEN!

Thank you for GOING GREEN!

We utilize an online statement service that will reduce paper consumption and improve your customer experience.  To continue with the registration process to access your monthly statements online, please click on your merchant service provider logo below.

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Common Questions

  1. When does the switch from paper to online statements occur?    Beginning with the January 2010 processing month, you will no longer receive a monthly paper statement by mail. Instead, you will now have access to your monthly statements online. Statements will be posted to the site beginning with your January 2010 statement which will be available in early February.
  2. When can I register for the online statements?    The online statement website will be available for registration beginning January 6th, 2010.
  3. What if I still need a paper statement?    If you prefer to continue receiving a paper statement by mail, you will be able to select this option during the registration process or you can contact customer service and request the change. Please be aware that there is a monthly fee of $2.00 associated with this option.

Terms and Conditions

Please be advised that the terms and conditions set forth below shall constitute an addendum to your Merchant Credit Card Processing Agreement, and will be incorporated into your Merchant Credit Card Processing Agreement in their entirety:

Effective January 31, 2010 (the "Effective Date"), you will be provided access to your monthly statements electronically by viewing them online (an "e-statement"). In order to access your e-statement, you will first need to visit, which is a secure website maintained by your payment services provider, and complete the registration process, which will include obtaining a user ID and password. You will be asked to provide your merchant ID, and may be asked for additional information, for identifi cation purposes. After registration, you will be able to access and download your e-statement(s) by visiting the same online statement website, and typing in your user ID and password. You will be able to reset your user ID and password at any time.

You will have access to your e-statement no later than the fourth business day of the following month. This is consistent with the date that paper statements are currently mailed to you. Once an e-statement is made available for review online, you will have the ability to access, view and download that statement at any time up to 24 months afterward by logging on with your user ID and password; however, paper statements previously mailed to you will not be available for online viewing. You can print the e-statement or save the fi le to your computer’s hard drive or other disk in order to retain a copy of the e-statement.

You understand that as of the Effective Date, you will not receive a paper monthly merchant account statement by U.S. postal mail. However, you are entitled to continue to receive a paper copy of your monthly statements through the U.S. postal mail by visiting at any time, and following the opt-out procedures provided through that link, or by contacting the customer service number provided on your statement and included in your welcome kit; however, such a request does not constitute a withdrawal of consent to receive monthly e-statements. If you choose to receive paper statements instead of online statements, you will be charged a monthly fee of $2.00 for each statement.

In order to register to receive and access your e-statements, you will need Internet access along with a current version of Internet Explorer, or Firefox version 2.0 Internet browsers. These requirements and the Internet browsers may change from time to time as products and technology are updated. We are not responsible for ensuring that your e-statements are accessible through outdated vendor products. In the event you are unable to access any of the information that has been made available on your e-statement via electronic format, it is your obligation to notify your service provider immediately.

Without limiting our rights under the Merchant Credit Card Processing Agreement, in addition, neither Member nor Global Direct are responsible for: (i) consequential or incidental damages caused by services performed by Member or Global Direct, our agents, or your Internet services provider; (ii) damages arising from unauthorized access to e-statements; or (iii) any costs associated with updating, modifying, or terminating your software or hardware. Either Member or Global Direct may change, suspend, or terminate all or any aspect of the e-statement upon notice to you.

Your Merchant ID will only be used to direct you to the appropriate online statement web portal where you will complete a secure registration process. It will not be stored or used for any other purpose as noted in our privacy policy on this site. If you have further questions, or would prefer to talk to a representative to determine which brand you need to select, please call Customer Support at 1 (888) 682-4464.

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